Kazakhstan Association of Allergology and Clinical Immunology

The ХVII-th International National Scientific Congress «Asthma and Allergy»


Organizing Committee of the Conference inform you that THE ХVII-th INTERNATIONAL NATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONGRESS «ASTHMA AND ALLERGY» is held on April 25-26 in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan.


The Ministry of health care and social development of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Kazakh National Medical University named after S.D. Asfendiyarov

The Republican public organization - Association of allergists and clinical immunologists RK.


  • Innovations in Allergology. Molecular Allergology.
  • Current approaches to diagnostics and treatment of Asthma
  • Current approaches to diagnostics and treatment of Atopic Dermatitis
  • Current approaches to diagnostics and treatment of allergic rhinitis
  • Current approaches to diagnostics and treatment of Urticaria
  • Current approaches to diagnostics and treatment of drug allergy, vaccine-challenged and insect allergy
  • Current approaches to diagnostics and treatment of patients in medical emergencies in allergology
  • The interaction of Allergy and immunity, modern approaches to diagnostics, prevention and treatment of the secondary immunodeficiency.
  • Infection, Immunity, Allergy
  • Vaccinal prevention

Conference Location:

Almaty, Kurmangazy Str., Hotel «Dostyk», 4-th floor, Hall «Ala-Tau»

Form of participation

  1. Oral report
  2. Poster presentation
  3. Contest for young scientists.

Languages: Kazakh, Russian, English

Requirements to poster presentation

Size: width – 70 cm height – 120 cm. At the top is the title, which is printed in plain font. Below, specify the names of authors, name of the institution where the work was performed. The ratio of illustrations (photographs, charts, graphs, flowcharts, etc.) and text material should be approximately 1:1. The text font should be easily readable from a distance of 50 cm. Work should reflect their own research and methodological developments.

The deadline for poster presentations is up to 15 February 2017.

During the Congress there will be a competition for the best poster presentation,



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Participants will be given certificates

Hotel reservations are made by participants.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Secretary :

Shokanova E.T. тел: тел: 877834899877 , +7(727) 3750399

tel/fax + 7(727) 291 15 60;

Mob. 8 7013355852; 8 7772773847.

e-mail: izhanat@yandex.ru

cite: www.Asthma.kz

President of AACI

Chairman of Organizing Committee

of the Congress, professor Zh. Ispayeva